Dixie Queen Seafood
 Celebrating Over 50 Years of Serving Quality Seafood
1972 ~ 2022
"Good Seafood Isn't Cheap, Cheap Seafood Isn't Good"


Our Father, we thank Thee for this food and acknowledge it as coming from Thy bountiful hand.  In the name of Thy Son, the Lord Jesus Christ we Pray.  ~Amen

Please Call For Pricing

Clam Chower (bowl)

Small Garden Salad

Large Garden Salad

Dressing: Blue Cheese - Thousand Island - Ranch - Honey Mustard - Italian - French - Fat Free Ranch

~Onions Available Upon Request~



(Small Portions for Small Appetites)

Choice of Mini Shrimp, Tilapia, Chicken Tenders 

Cod Dinner

(Includes French Fries, Slaw, and Hushpuppies)



Cajun or No Salt Batter Available Upon Request


     Flounder Dinner (Regular)

Fish Dinner (Skinless)

Catfish Dinner 

Tilapia Dinner 

                 Baby Flounder Dinner                    

Trout Dinner 

Frog Legs 

~No Two Kinds of Fish on the Same Plate~

Mini Shrimp Special  

Regular Shrimp Dinner

Oyster Dinner

Scallops Dinner

Devil Crab Dinner

Fried Sweet Clams

Crab Cake Dinner

Maryland Style Fried Crabcakes

Soft Shell Crab

Fried Chicken Tender




Cajun or No Salt Batter Available Upon Request

Combo Baby Flounder or Tilapia and Mini Shrimp

Combo Trout and Mini Shrimp

Combination Special:

1 Fish, 4 Shrimp and 4 Oysters

or All Shrimp no Oysters

Trout, Baby Flounder, Tilapia, or Fish (skinless) 

(Devil Crab, Crabcakes or Scallops can be subbed for Oysters)

With Regular Flounder or Catfish extra charge


Choice of Two (Oysters extra charge)

Choice of Three (Oysters extra charge)

Choice of Four (Oysters extra charge)

Tilapia, Trout, Fish (skinless), Mini or Regular Shrimp Clam Strips, Crab Cakes, Deviled Crab, Scallops, Chicken, Frog Leg  (No Doubles)          

      (Catfish , Flounder and Soft Shell Crab extra charge)           


(Members must present card.  Must be 62 or older.  See waitstaff for card.)

Choice of One Seafood (Fried or Cajun) (Steamed extra charge)

Chicken Tenders

Trout( 1pc.)  (Skinless Fish) (1 pc.)

Tilapia  (2 pc.) 

Baby Flounder

Flounder (Reg) (1 pc.)

Catfish (1 pc.)

Deviled Crab (2 pc.)

Crab Cakes (2 pc.)

Clam strips

Scallop Dinner (Fried)

Oyster Dinner

Mini Shrimp Dinner

Regular Shrimp Dinner

All Fried Seafood can be served Cajun Style.

Fish may contain bones.  Oysters occasionally contain shell fragments & pearls. Snow Crab may have barnacles. We can fry items with no salt upon request.

(Steamed extra charge)



      Choose 2: French Fries, Green Beans, *Baked Potato, *Corn,*Sweet Potato( extra charge), *Broccoli, Rice (w/gravy), *Small Salad (extra charge), Fruit Cup, Slaw, Applesauce, or Mac & Cheese   (*No Doubles)

Loaded baked potato extra charge



We Use Aged Certified Angus Beef, All Hand Cut

 Hamburger Steak

8 oz. Ribeye

12 oz. Ribeye

Grilled Shrimp Small (10)

Grilled Shrimp Medium (15)

Grilled Scallops Small (10)

Grilled Scallops Medium (15)

Combo Grilled Shrimp & Scallops Medium (5each)

                         8 oz. Chicken Breast                            

8 oz. Salmon   Catfish or Flounder

Seasonings:  Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Old Bay, Dill, Italian, Garlic Butter, or Plain Butter.


*Fish (1 pc.) & Shrimp (10 pc.)

Fish (skinless) or Trout

  *Your Choice of Fish (Reg. Flounder or Catfish extra charge, Excludes Baby Flounder)



Shrimp & Scallops

Maryland Style Crabcake

Stuffed Flounder with Crab Meat

Seasonings: Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Old Bay, Dill, Italian, Garlic Butter, or Plain Butter.

Sides: French Fries, Green Beans, *Baked Potato, *Sweet Potato, *Broccoli, Rice (w/gravy), *Small Salad, *Corn, Slaw, Applesauce, or Mac & Cheese (*No Doubles)





Snow Crab Dinner (2 Clusters)

Snow Crab Dinner (3 Clusters)

Dungeness Crab (2 Clusters)

Dungeness Crab (3Clusters) 

Steamed Fish*

(Regular Flounder or Catfish extra charge)

Steamed Shrimp (large size 15 pc.)

                            (small size 10pc.)

Side Order Snow Crab w/ meal

Seasonings: Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Old Bay, Dill, Italian, Garlic Butter, or Plain Butter.

(Extra Plates, Silverware, Table Service, Hushpuppies & Butter  extra charge) 


Choose 2: French Fries, Green Beans, *Baked Potato, *Broccoli, Rice,      *Small Salad (extra charge), *Corn, Slaw,  Applesauce, or Mac & Cheese,     *Sweet Potato (extra charge),  Fruit Cup       (*No Doubles)

loaded baked potato extra charge


(Under 12 Years. No Children Take Out Orders.)

  Baby Flounder (1 pc.)

Child Mini Shrimp 

Corn Dog

Chicken Tenders (2 pc.)

(No Broccoli, Salad, or Corn)




Tea (w/refills)   Coffee (w/refills)

Water w/Lemon & Sweetner

Soft Drink w/refills 

Child Beverage (Tea or Soda)

1/2 Gallon Tea (Carry Out Only)


Lemon Meringue Pie

Chocolate Meringue Pie


Some of our menu items may not be available due to product and staffing shortages

 Please call for pricing and menu item availability





Winterville Menu

Dine In or Take Out Available

Gift Certificates Available.

Call Ahead for Reservations.  Private room available  Wed, Thurs for up to 75 people


Wed-Thurs    Open at 4P.M.

Fri.&Sat.        Open at 4P.M.

Closed Sunday and Monday and Tuesday

We Gladly Accept Credit Cards(Visa & Mastercard etc.)